8 Tips for a Healthy Thanksgiving

Count down to Thanksgiving! Are you ready? Let the eating and drinking begin! First, let’s make sure we have a plan in place to enjoy this holiday of gratitude without the weight gain. Here are some tips to consider so you can enjoy all the delicious food mindfully. #1. EXERCISE – It’s the holidays so of course we are going to take in more calories than usual so start your day off with a great workout. It doesn’t need to be an hour and you don’t need to go to the gym. A brisk walk with hills, or a 20 minute HIIT workout at home will do the trick. #2. DON’T SKIP MEALS- start off the day with a good breakfast with protein and fiber. Depending on when you schedule the big meal, make sure y

Burn fat and boost metabolism in under 10 minutes!

Need to get in a workout that burns fat and tones up but are stressed for time? Well here’s a way to sneak in a 9 minute workout just about anywhere with little or no equipment needed. Everyone can find 9 minutes in their day to improve their health. Just pick out four total body exercises and repeat them for nine minutes. Each time you go through the exercises just add another rep. See how many reps you can fit in within just 9 minutes. Be prepared to be worked and re-energize afterwards. Keep you water bottle close by. Example: Push up Squat Jumping Jack Lung Start off doing one of each in the first set, then two, then three and so on until the 9 minutes are up. See how many reps yo

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