"Rebound exercise is the greatest form of exercise known to man." ~NASA

Jump Studio offers a unique workout on mini-trampolines or rebounders that  provide unique health benefits and a really fun way to train the whole body. 


Jump Studio fitness classes offer a FUN cardio workout without all the harmful impact on your joints and muscles.  These high intensity - low impact workouts deliver all over muscle tone working every cell in your body.  Jumping strengthens core and lower back improving posture and balance, while the change in G-force from accelerating and decelerating allow your lymph system to detox.​ 


We offer a variety of classes that incorporate rebounding with yoga, barre, HIIT, Dance and strength training suitable for all levels. 

Our Jumpsport Pro fitness trampolines are made with bungees rather than springs for maximum soft landing.  Our instructors are certified and can make modifications for all fitness levels. 

Classes available at

The Mix Studio

 2007 S. State St. Ann Arbor, MI 48104

 (734) 786-1260


  Total Body JUMP

This 50 minute class will get your heart pumping to upbeat music toning every muscle with pilo moves, high intensity cardio intervals, strength exercises using light weights and body weight, followed by a core burning workout and cool down.  You'll leave feeling energized, detoxed and your spirits lifted!  Bring a towel and water bottle. 

Class Schedule-                  

Saturday - 10:00-10:50 a.m.

Cardio Jump-Super Stretch-

This class will get your heart pumping with 25 minutes of  fun cardio on the rebounder/tramoline, followed by 25 minutes of total body super stretch and foam rolling improving muscle flexibility and increased range of motion.  All levels welcome!  

Saturday - 9 9:50 a.m.

Trampoline-Circuit Strength

Best of both worlds in one class.  Half the class you'll get your heart rate up, build endurance, stamina, and detox with Trampoline cardio.   The other half of the class will consist of strength circuits to effectively and safely strengthen your entire body.  Dumbbells, kettlebells, bodyweight, BOSU, medicine balls and more so you'll have fun and never get bored.  All levels welcome! 


Monday 6-7 pm

Wednesday 6-7 pm


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