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Burn fat and boost metabolism in under 10 minutes!

Need to get in a workout that burns fat and tones up but are stressed for time? Well here’s a way to sneak in a 9 minute workout just about anywhere with little or no equipment needed. Everyone can find 9 minutes in their day to improve their health. Just pick out four total body exercises and repeat them for nine minutes. Each time you go through the exercises just add another rep. See how many reps you can fit in within just 9 minutes. Be prepared to be worked and re-energize afterwards. Keep you water bottle close by.


Push up


Jumping Jack


Start off doing one of each in the first set, then two, then three and so on until the 9 minutes are up. See how many reps you can fit in within 9 minutes and then try to beat your number next time you do the set.

Here is a sample of how this chain of exercises works together for a challenging workout that gets results in under 10 minutes. Click on the link below to see how this works. These guys are working together doing partner exercises which are fun to do but can also be done alone.

They are doing Burpees, Row Pull on TRX, Lunges and Sit Ups. I can tell you they were spent after 9 minutes.

Click here to see workout-

Make sure you stretch and drink plenty of water afterwards.

Share on FB and recruit some of your friends to join you in the challenge!

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