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7 Day FREE Trial of Online Classes


This class covers strength, cardio, flexibility & balance with a variety of formats like HIIT, Tabata, Super Sets, Pyramid etc. to keep you challenged and never bored!
Mon, Wed, Fri- 7-7:45am 

SENIOR & BEGINNER STRENGTH- This class is a gentler and slower workout focusing on total body and core strength while incorporating cardio, balance moves and stretches and can be done standing or seated.
Tuesday/Thursday- 12-12:30pm

SUPER STRETCH & ROLL- This class is designed for muscle recovery and better joint mobility.  Start with self massage via a foam roller or massage stick, followed by static stretches.
Thursday- 7-7:30 am 

15 Minute Express Workouts for days you need something fast.

Wellness videos with tips and information for adopting a healthy lifestyle and delicious recipes.

All classes are US EST.  Perfect for beginners, intermediate and advance fitness levels.

Workout live with Molly or on your own schedule from the library of recorded classes.

Includes a FREE 15 minute consultation with Molly to help make your experience even better for your needs.

After your FREE trial of 7 days, you can choose to join the FIT50+ Club for only $35/mo. 

Continue to get live feedback from Molly on h0w you're doing with your fitness goals.  Workout 3x a week for less than $3 a class with access to a fitness coach.  

Plus have access to monthly wellness classes that include cooking demos, wellness tips and strategies for a pro-aging lifestyle! 

Cancel anytime.

See what other's have to say about the classes- 

" I LOVE these classes!, definitely getting stronger with doing this 3x a week."

"Even if I'm not perfect, I am showing up.  It is paying dividends with how I feel and function."

" I LOVE my classes with Molly. I attend the early morning strengthening classes and they really make a difference in how I experience my day. Best of all, I can feel myself getting stronger which makes my entire week better. Molly provides very useful instruction as well as giving us ways to engage each class in terms of our current strength level. This is a good thing in my life!"

"Love the class. Thirty minutes of a strategized workout. Molly is so organized and purposeful. I feel better."
after every class!"


Can't wait to see you in class!


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