7 Day FREE Trial of On-Line Classes

TOTAL BODY BLAST- This class covers strength, cardio, flexibility & balance with a variety of formats like HIIT, Tabata, Super Sets, Pyramid etc. to keep you challenged and never bored!
Mon, Wed, Fri- 7-7:45am 

SENIOR & BEGINNER STRENGTH- This class is a gentler and slower workout focusing on total body and core strength while incorporating cardio, balance moves and stretches and can be done standing or seated.
Tuesday/Thursday- 12-12:30pm

SUPER STRETCH & ROLL- This class is designed for muscle recovery and better joint mobility.  Start with self massage via a foam roller or massage stick, followed by static stretches.
Thursday- 7-7:30 am 

All classes are US EST.  Perfect for beginners, intermediate and advance fitness levels.

Workout live with Molly or on your own schedule from the library of recorded classes.

Includes a FREE 15 minute consultation with Molly to help make your experience even better for your needs.

After your FREE trial of 7 days, you can choose to join the FIT50+ Club for only $35/mo.  Continue to get live feedback from Molly on h0w you're doing with your fitness goals.  Workout 3x a week for less than $3 a class with access to a fitness coach.

Can't wait to see you in class!