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6 Week Fit50+ Reset Course For Pro-Aging


Getting older doesn't have to suck, as a matter of fact growing older is a privilege many don't get the opportunity to enjoy. Certainly things change and we really feel them as we age, but the good news is we are in control of our aging bodies if we implement the right actions and use the tools to feel our best. Your health is only as good as your system is surrounding your daily habits. I have set out a frame work to help you set up just that. This course is a tool for you to use and reuse as needed to master healthy actions that allow our bodies and minds to age optimally. The next 6 weeks we are going to keep you connected, self aware and in more control. Goals are great but the magic is in the daily actionable step you take to get there. Here's what you can expect- #1. Master your environment- what's in your fridge, pantry, car, office. #2. Working on your mindset- you can only be successful if you think you can. #3. Nutrition- Learning to shop and food prep for success and powerful nutrition. #4. Hydration- we're made up of water and it affects everything in our bodies. #5. Exercise/Movement- If you're not moving, you're rusting. #6. Sleep- We need rest and recovery so our bodies can repair and heal. #7. Intermittent Fasting- understanding the power of timing your meals. These are the top habits we need to work on to live and age optimally. Everyday you implement ACTION of practicing healthy habits, you are progressing and bettering your life.


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