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My New Favorite Workout For Overall Health and Fitness!

Want a high energy – low impact workout that scorches calories and keeps you smiling because it’s so fun?

Get on a Trampoline!

In my own quest to find a kinder, gentler workout for my joints, I have discovered trampoline workouts. OMG, I love this workout! It’s fun, playful and allows me to push myself harder than if I were on harder surfaces.

Working out on a trampoline, refered to as rebounding, burns more calories than other traditional cardio workouts because the G force uses 4x your body weight while jumping. This G-force is especially effective at preventing bone and muscle loss which is why NASA uses this workout with astronauts to recover lost muscle and bone density from being in space. Because of its low impact, it’s forgiving on your joints while maximizing your workout with cardio, core strength and agility. That’s amazing!

Detox Your Body

The up and down motion you get from jumping is beneficial for the lymphatic system since it runs in a vertical direction in the body. Each cell in the body reacts and activates to the acceleration and deceleration from the jumping creating a detoxifying and immune strengthening workout!

More Benefits-

Fantastic workout for athletes looking to rehabilitate from an injury.

Improve balance, posture and proprioception, (ones perception of movement and spatial orientation).

Improves muscle to fat ratio.

Circulates more oxygen throughout the body.

Reduces Cellulite.

In my new love for trampoline fitness I am bringing it to Ann Arbor and will be offering classes at The Mix Studios starting in November! Tuesday/Thursday at 5:30 and Saturdays at 10:00. First class is FREE- register here-

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