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Does sweating justify a good workout?

The holidays are here and so is all the things that go along with that. Shopping, parties, goodies and I'm here for it. However, it doesn't mean there can't be some self care time in there for you.

A good workout doesn't mean you need to sweat for 45 minutes or more along with time for a shower and change of clothes.

Do a 10 minute Core Workout on your yoga mat. Try 20 Russian twists, planking for a minute or less, 20 bicycle crunches and 20 Bird Dogs

Go for 3 sets and end with some stretching.


How about a Microburst Workout to get your cardio, strength and mobility going.

Try a circuit of 10 push ups, 10 squats, 10 lunges, 10 side shuffles for a 10 minute duration. You could repeat 2 more times for a 10 minute break throughout the day.

Keep it simple and don't over think it. A little goes a long way and adds up over the days and weeks.

Keep your self care going and have a great week!

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