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Healthy Holiday Strategies

I can't believe the holidays are upon us! Wether you're a fan of the holidays or not so much, it tends to be a bit hectic with more social gatherings and with that comes more food and more stress. Workouts go by the wayside, higher calorie foods make it onto our plates and before we know it there's a snowball effect. On the other hand, a solid plan going into the holidays will help you a lot from letting things get out of control. Why wait until January to start implementing a plan of eating healthy foods and doing more exercise when you can easily be acting on healthy strategies throughout the season to feel your best.

I'm offering a free workshop on Healthy Holiday Strategies with my tops tips on how to enjoy your holiday season without crashing on your health goals. These strategies are easy and doable. It's just a matter of making a plan and having some framework set up so you can maneuver through any situation feeling great! This workshop is not about what you can't eat or buzz kill advice that only adds more stress. The holidays are to be enjoyed and food and drinks are on the menu.

I'm holding a live zoom workshop on Saturday November 19th at 9:30

Register at the link below and feel free to share this with friends.

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