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Benefits of Rebounding


  • WEIGHT LOSS - Recent studies show rebounding burns fat faster by 50% compared to running.  Because rebounding is so much fun and low impact on your joints, you're more likely to exercise longer and stay consistent.    

  • BACK HEALTH - The fitness rebounders we use here at Jump Studio are made with bungees instead of metal springs causing landing from jumping much softer on the joints.  The constant acceleration and deceleration forces core muscles to fire including low back muscles.  This creates good posture, better balance all which add up to a healthy  strong back!  

  • LYMPHATIC SYSTEM -  Nothing works your lymphatic system better than rebounding.  Due to the G-force in the bounce, every cell gets squeezed creating pressure changes in the body, breaking up blockages, and causes millions of one-way valves to open and shut flushing out toxins.  It's like getting a massaged from the inside out.

  • BONE DENSITY- "The best exercise for Healthy Bones" - NYT, 2009.  Current science says that the simple act of jumping up and down is the single best exercise for maintaining/improving bone density. 

  • PELVIC FLOOR - Rebounding fires all the muscles so it's a great way to strengthen pelvic floor and it improves bladder control.  Lots of our moms say they notice a difference after a few weeks of rebounding. 

  • IMMUNE SYSTEM -  All exercise is great for a healthy immune system, but rebounding does an exceptional job at targeting the  respiratory, lymphatic and cellular system through the force of acceleration and deceleration detoxifying the body of toxins and other harmful substances.

  • CARDIO - Recent studies have confirmed that rebounding beats out running in VO2 max (oxygen uptake) and is twice as effective for improving aerobic fitness and 50% more efficient at burning fat.  All this and offering a low impact workout  on your joints so you can go longer and be more consistent with aerobic activity!

  • STRENGTH - All 638 muscles in the body are utilized on a rebounder including your eye muscles.  With rebounding all cells expand and contract over 100 times per minute.  Jumping up and down on the rebounder is a full-body weight bearing activity, so your body  becomes stronger. 

  • TONING -  Since rebounding exercises every cell in the body, the skin tightens and increases collagen formation.  Specific cells resist “G-Forces” when the angle of the body is changed.  Internal organs lift as connective tissue gets stronger.  The muscles tone, collagen strengthens and skin gets firmer including the neck, chin and face.  

  • BODY BALANCE - Rebounding stimulates your vestibular system, proprietors and the clear focus of both eyes.  Focus, equilibrium  and coordination improve enhancing sports activities and daily movement.




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