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Get Fit And Strong At Any Age!

Elderly Couple Practising Yoga

At Fit To Go With Molly, I combine the latest research and practices as well as the most current trends in senior fitness.  My goal is to design programs for clients age 60 and older  to be fit, active, functional and independent.  Today’s seniors can and should remain vibrant, functional and stay active well into the golden years.  I implement age-appropriate training techniques suitable for all levels of seniors from the active older adult to the frail elder.  You can expect to improve on and maintain physical strength, core strength, cardio endurance, balance and agility all designed to minimize stress on aging joints.
Balance exercise can reduce the risk of falling.  As we train the skeletal system, we also train the brain with different balance challenges and drills.
Corrective Exercise techniques and knowledge will help you to function more efficiently with a higher level of daily performance while lowering risk of injury.

Active aging is possible with the right approach and program so you can continue to do all the activities you enjoy!  Contact me now to set up a free consultation and get started!  

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