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8 Tips for a Healthy Thanksgiving

Count down to Thanksgiving! Are you ready? Let the eating and drinking begin!

First, let’s make sure we have a plan in place to enjoy this holiday of gratitude without the weight gain. Here are some tips to consider so you can enjoy all the delicious food mindfully.

#1. EXERCISE – It’s the holidays so of course we are going to take in more calories than usual so start your day off with a great workout. It doesn’t need to be an hour and you don’t need to go to the gym. A brisk walk with hills, or a 20 minute HIIT workout at home will do the trick.

#2. DON’T SKIP MEALS- start off the day with a good breakfast with protein and fiber. Depending on when you schedule the big meal, make sure you don’t show up to the table starving. That’s a sure way to over eat. Do not go over 5 hours without eating.

#3. USE YOUR HAND TO GUIDE YOU- We are all walking around with the perfect tool to keep our portions in control for our own body size. Look no further than your hand. Your palm measures your protein size, cup your hand and you have a grain measurement, double that for your veggies and your thumb measures fat.

So if you were to look at that on a plate, 1/2 the plate should be veggies, 1/4 of it should hold the protein, and the other 1/4 grains. Add a Tablespoon of fat to your plate. Most likely that would be the gravy or butter.

#4. USE SMALLER DISHES – If you haven’t noticed, plate sizes have gotten larger over the years. Pull out grandmas plates and more than likely they are smaller in size. Use those or a dessert plate and see how that satisfies you.

#5. SLOW DOWN- It takes 20 minutes for the brain to tun off the hunger signal. Eat your meal slowly and really taste the food and enjoy the textures. Put your fork down between each bite and savor the meal. This works wonders to keeping calories in check and will keep you from that stuffed, I need to go lay down now feeling. It also helps to keep you from going back for seconds.

#6. HYDRATE- staying hydrated throughout the day will keep you from over eating. It’s easy to get busy running around, cooking, and getting ready for guest. Make sure you keep a bottle of water near by and sip throughout the day. For every alcoholic beverage you have, counter that with a glass of water so you don’t dehydrate and overeat.

#7. ENJOY YOUR DESSERTS– Yup, you heard me right, go for it! Same rules apply, don’t over do it! Small plate, go slow and enjoy!

#8. GO FOR A WALK– After your meal, go for a walk instead of heading for the coach. A walk will help to digest your meal leaving you feeling so much better!

Happy Thanksgiving to you all! I hope you use these tips and have a healthy holiday with your loved ones!

Join me on FB at Fit To Go With Molly for delicious and healthy recipes for the holidays. I've got you covered!

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At the Meri Lou Murray Rec Center in AA, there is a FREE Zumba class in the gym the morning of Thanksgiving. All they ask is that you bring a can good donation. Check the website for time.

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