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Cut Calories, Eat More and Lose Weight!

Boost your metabolism and burn more calories with unprocessed foods!

We all know that reading food labels and paying attention to single servings is a good strategy for weight loss, but there is new research that points to foods in their raw state that can help trim down waistlines.

Turns out cooking increases the number of calories the body absorbs as well as performs some of the digestive process for us.

Eating foods in their raw state like nuts vs. nutbutters, or apples vs. applesauce, oranges vs. orange juice, whole-wheat berries vs. whole-wheat bread, make our digestive tracts and jaw muscles work harder.

Two things happen here-

1. We take in fewer calories. For example, two large apples makes 1 cup of apple sauce. Eating two large apples will take longer to eat than a cup of apple sauce and chances are good you will be satisfied with one large apple, therefore stopping before eating the other apple. When foods go down so easily, we take in more calories.

2. We increase our metabolism because it has to work harder to digest the food.

I’m not suggesting all your meals should be raw from here on out, but, to consider reaching for raw snacks and or adding more raw foods to your meals.

Here’s how-

Toss in some raw nuts or seeds ( no more than 2 Tbsp.) into your steel cut oats. Really chew your food.

Snack on raw baby carrots or eat a multicolored raw salad before a meal.

Replace shaved zucchini for pasta or large leafy greens instead of bread.

Whip up some gazpacho in the blender and garnish with microgreens.


Give this a try for the next couple of weeks and rev up your metabolism and see how much better you feel.

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Here’s to your good healthy, one habit at a time!

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