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Tips For Reaching Your Goals

Happy New Year Friends,

Are you someone who makes new years resolutions? I like to look at it as a time of focus and organization to set myself up for success. Coming off of the holidays is a great time to rethink your routine and clean up your space both physically and mentally and reset! When it comes to self care which includes fitness, nutrition and mental health, I want to continue to work on habits that contribute to aging well.

Here are a few suggestions to help you set yourself up for success and put healthy habits into place to thrive!

#1. Food Prep- this habit alone really sets me up for eating super healthy foods I love and ready to grab when I'm hungry. I like to make a batch of roasted sweet potatoes stored in the fridge so all I have to do is reheat. I do the same with batching quinoa or brown rice & lean protein sources which can be added to salads, soups or rice bowls. Veggies that are cleaned, chopped and ready to go make pulling a salad together a cinch as well as having fresh fruits like berries, apples and oranges out and visible. If I want something sweet, I set that up by having healthy treats around that keep me feeling good and never deprived. I find it easier to have the food prepped for pulling together meals fast and easy. This saves me time, money and really works on keeping me on track with my nutrition.

#2. Fitness- Creating a routine for your fitness works wonders. Rather than leave it to happenstance, schedule your exercise time in your schedule and stick to it. Making it a routine keeps us consistent and takes the guess work out of it. (See the workout calendar below.)

#3. Habit Stacking- By taking a habit you already have in place and stacking another behavior to it, you're more likely to make the new change seamless. An example of this would be a bedtime routine of brushing your teeth (established habit) and adding a new habit like 5 minutes of stretching or meditation to your routine. Keep it small and simple to set yourself up for success. Another example could be drinking a cup of water (new habit) first thing after you get out of bed. The possibilities are endless and will help you reach your goals faster and keep you going.

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