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Holiday Fitness Gifts For The Home

If you are looking for fitness gift ideas for giving or gifting to yourself, I have a list of equipment that doesn't take up a large foot print and is great for the home gym. These are just suggestions. You can certainly begin a program without this equipment but if you're wanting to round out your equipment, here are my favorites- (The links are all in blue.)

Light, Med and Heavy for all the different muscle groups

Light- 3-5


Med Heavy-10-12

Heavy-15-20 +

You can invest in a stand to store your weights or buy a compact adjustable set which is what I use and love.

Come in 3 levels and don't roll up or cut into your leg.

22" if you're under 5'6" and 26" if you're taller than 5'7"

These are my top suggestions to give you a well rounded home program.

Thanks for those of you who participated in my 12 Days Of Fitmas! I hope it motivated you to move everyday!

Want to keep it up? My 7 Day FREE offer is up for anyone looking for more fitness classes to do in the comfort of your own home with access to me personally to help keep you accountable and safe working out at home.

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